About me

My name is Paulina, I’m a UX/UI Designer and Web Developer. I’m focused on creating meaningful experiences through design.



web development

Real Estate

Mexican Real Estate management company.

Hemp Infused Liqueur

Herbal Tequila made from Hemp seeds from Austin, Texas.

Online courses

Workshops where they provide tools to reflect on the relationship you have with your body, learn the basics of feminism and exercises to achieve greater psychological well-being.

Electric Tricycle

The future of transportation starts now!
The new Mastretta MX3 is a tilting electric tricycle designed for personal urban transport and last mile delivery cargo. Agile, fast and practical.

Worked with agencies


Design & Operations Coordination

7/2016 - 9/2018

· Design and supervision of a native App
· U
ser Research, Mockup and Wireframes
· Project Management


UX/UI Designer &
e-Commerce manager

9/2018 - 2/2020

· User Testing
·Mockup and Wireframes
· Marketing Strategies
· Digital Design
· Project Management

UX/UI Designer &
Web Developer

3/2020 - 1/2022

· User Testing
· A/B Testing
· Web Development
· Web Design
· User Research, Mockup and Wireframes
· Project Management
· Collaborate with 3 agencies

Brands I've worked with

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